Tea & Herb Information

Tea is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world – and yet, there’s still a lot of mystery and wonder about it. For example, did you know that green, black and white tea all come from the same plant? It’s true – they’re all from the Camellia sinensis bush, but how they’re processed after harvest produces their very different aromas and flavors. Here’s another one: what we call “herbal teas” are technically not ‘teas’ at all. Herbal tea contains no Camellia sinensis leaves; rather, it is made from many plants, using not just the leaves, but also the flowers, roots, bark and seeds. These brews typically contain flavorful, beneficial ingredients like chamomile, lemongrass and mint, and naturally contain no caffeine at all. Whatever kind of tea you choose to enjoy, the art of blending tea is a combination of creativity and expertise. Find out more about tea:


Green Teas – sweet and slightly grassy

All tea comes from the camellia sinensis plant – but green tea is different because it is quickly steamed or pan-fired after harvest. Because green tea leaves undergo minimal oxidation, a cup of green tea retains more of the vibrant green color and fresh aroma and flavor of the freshly harvested leaf. When we find ourselves in a little slump, we often grab whatever’s closest – a snack, a can of soda, and so on. But a flavorful, hydrating drink without added sweeteners or colors might just be a better alternative. Green tea can be that gentle pick-me-up we need to keep the day moving forward.

Herbal Teas – a wide range of benefits and flavors

A calming walk or a restful night’s sleep can help you find tranquility, but a moment spent over a special cup of tea can be a delicious alternative. Next time you’re in search of a little peace, brew up a cup of herbal tea and settle in. Using herbs to treat specific ailments goes back centuries – in fact, peppermint and chamomile were both discovered in the pyramids of Egypt. Today, herbal teas are treasured for their specific benefits and calming flavor.

Rooibos teas – rejuvenating and sweet

Rooibos teas are made from the needle-like leaves of the Rooibos bush, or Aspalathus linearis. This very special shrub grows in the Cederberg region of South Africa – and nowhere else in the world. Native inhabitants of the region have used it for centuries for its beneficial properties and one-of-a-kind flavor. Also known as red tea, Rooibos is a unique and inviting tea option that offers a number of tantalizing benefits.

Chai teas – spicy and exotic

Chai tea’s origins are mysterious, but most agree that this spicy-sweet tea traces back thousands of years to India and surrounding regions. It’s thought that chai was originally the drink of royalty, and was used as an herbal remedy during the Ayurvedic period. Chai teas combine tea leaves with a variety of different spices. Some of the most common spices include:

– Cinnamon – with an unmistakable sweet and spicy flavor
– Cardamom – with a lively mild pepper taste
– Star anise – the seed of an Asian evergreen with a licorice-like flavor

Chai tea lattes are a combination of brewed chai and steamed milk, as made popular in coffee houses years ago when this exotic tea drink crossed over to mainstream.

Black teas – rich, earthy and bold

Cultures around the world enjoy black tea for its bold, earthy flavor and its energizing and hydrating effects. Unlike green and white teas, black tea is allowed to oxidize or ferment somewhat after harvest – bringing out the tea’s richer flavor profile. Calorie-free black tea is packed with plenty of caffeine to help you get going – one serving contains around 50 to 70 mg of caffeine.
Enjoyed both hot and iced all day long, black tea is a unique option for hydration that promises to quench your thirst while reenergizing both body and mind. Black tea’s rich taste makes it the perfect base for celebrated tea blends like chai and Kombucha.

Sleepytime® teas – a soothing bedtime tea

More than 40 years ago, we created a truly soothing herbal tea to help folks wind down the day. We named it Sleepytime® tea, and it quickly became everyone’s favorite bedtime tea. Today, our calming Sleepytime blend of botanicals is available in herbal, decaf green and wellness teas, so you can always find the perfect cup for your bedtime routine. Every Sleepytime tea begins with our classic blend of soothing, sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe. The three key botanicals in Sleepytime are chamomile, spearmint and lemongrass Along with our bounty of flavorful ingredients, our Sleepytime teas are caffeine free to help you relax and realign your mind for the coming day. Find your favorite Sleepytime tea now.

Zinger – The tea with real „zing“

Herbal teas have always been treasured for their soothing properties. But Celestial has never been content to sit and sip (even in the very early days), so we quickly decided that the world needed an herbal blend with real “zing.” So we created the Zinger. This lively blend combined hibiscus, orange peel, lemongrass and wild cherry bark (yes, bark) to create something totally different. It was a big hit – and today, there’s a whole family of Zinger teas for you to enjoy. Every Zinger tea starts with a tart and tangy, slightly sweet flavor from their primary ingredient: hibiscus. We then blend other vibrant herbs, spices and botanicals to give each Zinger its own unique take on hibiscus tea. They’re each splendid served warm and refreshing and invigorating over ice.