Our history starts back in 1969, when Mo Siegel, one of Celestial Seasonings founders, handpicked wild herbs from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. He created our first tea with them and was inspired to create several tea blends. Soon he sold them to health food stores, eventually selling them in hand-sewn muslin bags. It was in those early years that we began creating and defining the herbal tea category.

By 1972 we introduced our flagship blend Sleepytime®. Soon Sleepytime® became the bestselling specialty tea of all time and helped turn our cottage industry into a near-overnight success.

Shortly after that we expanded our product base to include lines for green tea, chai tea, rooibos tea and organic tea. Today, Celestial Seasonings serves over 1.6 billion cups of tea a year.  Our farming partners source the 100+ ingredients  from over 35 countries across the globe.

In 2019 we celebrate 50 years of Celestial Seasonings. Still, ever since the first picking of wild herbs in the Rockies, we live by the same entrepreneurial spirit. After half a century we also still follow our passion for making tea that’s good for people and the planet.